Health and Safety on G2 Coaches

We, at G2 Travel, take the health and safety measures imposed by local governments very seriously. Having considered all European legislations we decided to show the world how we deal with these rules.

The life we knew a year ago seems to be part of the history books. None of us expected to live times such as the ones we do. It maybe an amazing proof of how quickly the human kind can adapt and reinvent himself.

In a totally new context and with new rules to follow we decided it was time people saw how we deal with the Pandemic regulations for our coaches.

We proactively have at disposal disinfectants in all our coaches, all drivers are cleaning and sanitizing not only their cabin but the entire coach so that passengers might feel protected. Social distancing is available as the seats have carefully been setup in such a manner that passengers will not be close to each other.

As one can see in the short movie above, we take the local government regulations very seriously.