We are happy to announce we are partnering up with Stardekk. Stardekk is a software company with a heart for hospitality. One of their core products is called Cubilis Channel Manager.

Cubilis is the core of your online distribution and makes it very easy to give your accommodation greater online visibility and manage your rates & availability throughout different platforms.

What is Cubilis Channel Manager?

Cubilis makes it very easy to give hotels greater online visibility. Cubilis is connected with over 200 Online Travel Agents and Tour operators, like us, G2 Travel, making sure that hotel owners find the best possible connection for their properties.

Cubilis not only helps advertisement of your rooms, it makes the whole process smoother. Hotels can easily manage their prices and availability throughout their different partners, avoiding duplicate bookings and time wasted on paperwork.

It is a centralized workspace where everything which needs changing is available in one click.

Integrations are what makes Cubilis so strong. Cubilis puts hotels in touch with over 400 partners, in real time, via a two-way integration. Cubilis takes pride in providing stable and secure connections at all times.

For more details visit: CUBILIS

Why opt for Cubilis Channel Manager?

To conclude there are three important reasons why we work with Cubilis Channel Manager. Hotels can run an optimized pricing strategy with flexible rate plans and link up with over 400 quality partners.