G2 Travel’s Global Participation in May Travel Exhibitions

In May, the global travel industry came alive with a series of prominent exhibitions, marking a busy and fruitful season for G2 Travel. The company proudly participated in major events such as ATM Dubai, Con-X in Mallorca, ITB Shanghai, IPW in Los Angeles, and ITE Jakarta & Surabaya for Gemini.

These exhibitions provided invaluable opportunities for G2 Travel to connect with partners from around the world. The company expresses its deep gratitude to all partners for their engagement and collaboration throughout these events.

G2 Travel looks forward to continuing to build strong relationships and driving innovation in the travel industry.

IPW 2024, Los Angeles

Arabian Travel Market 2024, Dubai

Con-X 2024, Mallorca

ITB 2024, Shanghai

Indonesia Travel Expo 2024, Jakarta and Surabaya