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G2 Indonesia promoting Halal Tourism!

Mr Al Mulenga, Director of G2 Travel has delivered a speech at Indonesia Business Forum “Halal Tourism Fair 2019″. 


G2 Travel’s 12,500-pax incentive in Switzerland to inspire more corporate bookings!

The 12,500 top performers from operations in China who descended on Switzerland across three weeks in May and the operator of the massive incentive movement was G2 Travel, a specialist of group travel!


Read more at this link: G2 Travel’s 12,500 pax in Switzerland!

G2 Hotel Sourcing Team Meeting London – 10 April, 2019


G2 China Management Meeting, Beijing.
Familiarization Trip with G2 Bangkok and Emirate Airlines to Italy!
Partnered with Qatar Airways, G2 Indonesia arranged Travel Agent Seminar on 19th March 2019!


Celebrating Success with G2 Business Partners!

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G2 Travel´ s first year with a stand at FITUR Madrid 2019 was a blast!

G2 Travel welcomed clients and providers and even made it to the front page of FITUR Daily Magazine, during one of the main industry fairs in Europe, having reached this year a new record of participants and professionals. We are thankful for the partners who visited our stand and selected us to be their reliable partner in travel for yet another year.

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